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Friday, October 24, 2014


I felt compelled to speak on some companies that says they hire globally and do not discriminate against nationality or origin but as soon as they find out that you are located in Jamaica they automatically eliminate you. This is (90 percent of the times) after you have submitted your application which takes quite a while for some companies. So in that we waste valuable time that could be spent seeking other opportunities. Would it not make way more sense for them to simply indicate that the opportunity is not available at the point of sign up or applying, once you're address is entered?      I think so.
A lot of these companies would be better off outsourcing remotely as it costs way less and Jamaicans are dedicated to work once they are being fairly compensated. We are just as qualified for these positions as persons overseas in many cases even more so.

I wonder if one day some-one from the US will hear that they are not being considered for a job because of their geographical location.
Give us a chance where we are from or where we reside does not limit our capabilities!