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Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Few that I know works

I'm posting these for persons who seek legitimate work from home jobs and yes they are available for Jamaicans.

LeadGenius/Mobile Works
MobileWorks offers legitimate employment for individuals worldwide. They do not discriminate as to your geographical location, so what you are Jamaican; they embrace all nationalities. You may work part time or full time.This could actually replace your day job if you are looking to do so or if you are just looking to make money through online work.
MobileWorks usually takes 2-3 weeks to respond to you after application is submitted but trust me it is worth the wait. I suggest applying for the Payoneer MasterDebitcard as this will give you quick access to your salary from the MobileWorks team and it is way more convenient than Paypal.
 This is more of a telemarketing site. so for those who love sales this would be an ideal site to join. they post jobs daily and you can apply 90 percent of the jobs posted are available to Jamaicans and the employers do pay as  i know that payment is an issue for most of these online jobs.

Sutherland Global Sevices
Sutherland is a globally recognized company and even has a branch here in Jamaica. They do however offer work from home opportunities and are flexible and accommodating on the job front.

There are  also the more popular ones but these are more of a pay per task sites rather than actual jobs.

Here you bid on jobs'tasks and if selected the employer will award you the job and you and that person will come to agreement and pay and how you wish to be paid.

At Elance you submit proposals and employers will reach out to you if you match what they are looking for.

A different type of Job or rather a legitimate way to make money online is DSD.
The drawback that most people may have is that there is a sign up cost. For beginners it is US$20,but the rewards are excellent and you will make back your investment in no time. This opportunity requires dedication and patience but as long as you follow the instructions given by the leaders you will reap big rewards. They regular hosts webinars to ensure everyone in their system is up to date and primed to benefit in the manner intended.